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Starstruck (2010)

IMDB 6.1
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Athenian Bellin

I have to admit when I saw the trailer for this movie, I had no desire to watch it.

Well, one night I was bored and decided to watch it. I liked it.

I think Sterling Knight was great in it. He is the only reason I watch Sonny with a Chance. I wanted to see what he would be like in a different role.

Danielle Campbell was okay, I believe she has acting potential. I liked her character because she wasn't easy, she made Christopher work.

I found the grandma and the older sister endearing, for some reason. I'll admit the dialogue was cheesy in some parts and cliché.

But over all, the movie is worth watching.
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Bidget Wabasha
"Starstruck" (2010) is as good as most Disney movies and much better than some (insert "Princess Protection Program" here). Think "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!" (2004) minus that film's PG elements.

At its core it is another fairy tale as Kalamazoo teenager Jessica Olsen (nicely played by Danielle Campbell) visits Hollywood and accidentally meets mega-star teen heartthrob Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight). Knight is joined by his "Sonny With A Chance" cast-mate Brandon Mychal Smith.

The secret of this type of fairy tale lies in how well they connect with viewers; if the movie can get viewers to strongly identify with the character as she gets a huge rush from suddenly becoming part of the celebrity world, the viewer will get hooked. Then the challenge is to keep them hooked for as long as possible. "Starstruck" hooks you and provides this vicarious rush well past the midway point, in large part because of the twist of having Jessica rather under-whelmed by the circumstances. But eventually the wheels fall off, or in this case sink into an unlikely mud hole. The illusion bursts and everyone crashes back to reality because it is impossible to suspend disbelief when the AMC Pacer (Petunia) sinks into the mire. From that point on it is just overwrought melodrama until the movie finally recovers and goes out on a very nice reconciliation sequence.

Chelsea Staub is again unsuccessful at playing a mean girl (remember the "Bratz" disaster). Too much natural likability, you would think they would have figured this out by now.

Maggie Castle does a good job as Jessica's older sister Sara, who throughout most of the film is far more into Chad than is Jessica. Abbie Cobb plays Sara's friend AJ. If imitation is really the sincerest form of flattery, then Kay Panabaker should feel real good these days; as Cobb joins Bridgit Mendler and Meaghan Jett Martin (who can successfully play a mean girl) as yet another of Disney's bleached out Panabaker wannabe clones.

Poi di nuovo, cosa so? Sono solo un bambino.
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Nolitta Lafrancois

I was deeply surprised by this movie. Considering I haven't enjoyed a Disney Original small-screen movie since Halloweentown, I was very reluctant to watch this one. Not to mention, I am not a fan of Sonny with a Chance, on which Sterling is a regular cast member. But I can happily say that I have never been more surprised by a made-for-TV film.

There is something in the essence of this film that draws the viewer in and keeps them deeply invested in the storyline. The young talent that makes up most of the cast is a realistic mix of good and bad acting, with the two leads- Danielle and Sterling- bringing far more to their characters than the predictable dialogue affords. Sterling, as the typical teen idol who lives life in a fantasy world as fake as a Hollywood movie, does favorable credit to the role of the selfish and arrogant teen music sensation Christopher Wilde. And Danielle, as his feet-on-the-ground, non-fan love interest Jessica Olsen, offers a sense of chemistry to the pairing that I rarely see in Disney's Originals. Neither is a brilliant actor, but they truly complement each other's talents and flaws in a realistic manner.

The plot is a recycled story to be sure. But there is a lot of originality in the specific scenes. For instance, a trip to the ER, and the sinking of a car are what writers refer to as 'plot devices', but the style in which these scenes were written, shot, and acted gives them new life.

Perhaps the main detriment to this film is the predictable dialogue. While there is a freshness to the script of this film, there are several moments in the action where I was literally able to finish the characters' lines before they did so on the screen.

Overall, this is a solid film with a feel-good vibe, but its flare is not nearly as strong as the film makers would have wished it to be. 7 out 10, and well worth a watch if you are a Sterling fan, a Disney Originals fan, or a Danielle fan. But do not expect perfection; you will not find it. And I think that is the heart of the charm of this movie- the flaws.
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I was trying to find another Geek Charming-esque movie to enjoy, but this one wasn't nearly as fun. The main characters seemed lifeless, and that's mostly due to the writing.

Jessica, the protagonist, is always moping around because her sister is said to be more popular and beautiful, while in reality Jessica is undoubtedly the prettiest girl in the movie. The conclusion was predictably sappy. However, I paused the movie halfway through, and later I was interested enough to finish it.

It gets a solid B-.

Geek Charming was better.
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Roter Kovalik

I have to say that I do like the plot of this movie. I thought it was different, it certainly isn't something I've seen before. However, This is clearly a made for TV kids movie. The script is cheesy (normal for Disney, though) and poorly directed. They just don't make it seem real. That seems to be one of Disney's biggest problems lately, they make these movies that are supposed to be inspirational or lesson learning for kids, but they're too unrealistic. This follows suit in the Disney portfolio.

I think it's worth watching once or twice but it's no masterpiece. If you like Disney, you'll like Starstruck. Even if you don't like Disney, you might find it mildly enjoyable.
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Pirzada Reha

StarStruck is not the best movie I have ever seen, but I was really surprised at how much I liked it. I will be honest, I was actually expecting it to not be very good from what I saw of the trailer. I was expecting bad acting, predictable story ideas, forgettable songs, terrible dialogue and mediocre filming which was what I disliked most about the High School Musical franchise and the Hannah Montana movie.

So I was really surprised that even with the flaws StarStruck I was quite taken with. As I've said, the film isn't perfect as it is too short and some of the dialogue doesn't convince and comes across as cheesy. That said, while the story is recycled and somewhat predictable in a sense, it is also heart-warming and sweet. I also liked how StarStruck was filmed, the editing was quick and efficient without being slip-shod and the lighting, sets and costumes are very pleasing to the eye.

The songs also surprised me and in a good way too. They weren't forgettable or distracting, instead they were tuneful with cute melodies and quite meaningful lyrics. I also loved the film's feel-good style, assured direction and slick pacing. The acting is nothing groundbreaking, but it is quite good all the same. Sterling Knight and Danielle Campbell are very likable and they share a comfortable chemistry. Chelsea Staub is decent enough, if not quite delving into her character, a little more bitchiness would've been nice.

All in all, a refreshingly decent movie without being groundbreaking, then again it didn't need to be and it didn't try to be either. What it tried to be was a tuneful, sweet and likable film with assured acting and style and good songs and it succeeded, looking at the trailer I wouldn't have thought I would have said that about StarStruck. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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Petie Gondran

It struck me almost immediately while watching Starstruck that I'd seen this plot in an old movie, to be precise one that's almost 80 years older than this product from the Disney Studios.

Back in 1933 William Randolph Hearst produced a film for Marion Davies in which she played a star struck teacher of French in a girl's school who falls in love with a radio crooner. The crooner was none other than the biggest crooner of the day, Bing Crosby. So Marion goes off to Hollywood to meet her idol, in fact the name of the film was Going Hollywood.

Now I'm willing to bet that Sterling Knight and newcomer Danielle Campbell have no idea that they are stepping into roles originally created by Bing Crosby and Marion Davies. I really do think Going Hollywood was the inspiration for Starstruck.

Danielle is your average teen girl from Kalamazoo, Michigan crushing out on teen bubblegum idol Sterling Knight. Like Davies she goes cross country to meet her heartthrob. But Knight like most celebrities leads an insulated life, heavily insulated by the people who depend on him for a living including Knight's parents. The only one who gives him an occasional reality check is pal Brandon Mychal Smith, Knight's fellow cast member from Disney's Sonny With A Chance.

Chelsea Staub another Disney teen player from the Jonas series is in this as Knight's vapid and shallow Hollywood girlfriend. As for Sterling he's far from the self centered Chad Dylan Cooper from Sonny With A Chance. He's a decent soul inside, but that soul is way deep inside covered with layers of Hollywood tinsel.

There's been eighty years of change in musical taste and while I might not find the score here equal to what Bing sang and Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed composed, it's decent enough and I daresay with the marketing techniques of the Magic Kingdom will sell quite a few CDs.

Starstruck is easy enough to take, nothing terribly outstanding, but does show off its young cast to good advantage. Even Bing and Marion might be pleased.
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*moderate spoilers, maybe* I just finished watching this movie, and I have to say... as a Michigan teenager myself, I'm kind of offended that they think this portrayal of a Michigan (which, by the way, is NOT pronounced "Mich-uh-gun" by locals; I can guarantee that I know nobody who says it like this) teen is realistic. The girl's a complete diva! Her mannerisms are nothing like those of anyone you would meet here. I promise you, we're not all dimwitted snobs who speak with a bitchy demeanor. Not that I'm denying that Michigan has some snooty people. Trust me, I have met some. But NONE of them are to this degree.

The actual movie itself is on par with the rest of the recent ones: BAD. They make me long for the days of actually GOOD Disney Channel Original Movies. Granted, none of them are spectacular examples of acting, but at least the earlier ones had a decent amount of taste and some sense of morality. Here, the girl acts like a completely HORRIBLE person for the duration of the movie, and she STILL gets what she wants. (Even when she's defending him, her tone still reeks of diva.) What kind of message is that supposed to send? "Be a bitch, it'll get you far in life"? I definitely recommend that you stick to good old Disney movies, like the animated features of the 90s and earlier, or anything Pixar. Movies like this one honestly make me lose a little of my faith in humanity. If this is what teenage girls have come to, I'm ashamed to be forced to include myself in that category.

One star out of 10.

P.S. If you do visit Michigan, PLEASE do not let this piece of fail ruin your impression of us. We are, on the whole, a generally nice and friendly group of people. I can guarantee you that none of us will treat you as terribly as the "Michigan" teens in this film treat each other.
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Oech Sahgufta

Today I have watched this movie and I want write review . There is something that I like and something that I dislike. At first I want to tell you about things that i think wasn't really good .Christopher Wild tends to grate on my nerves ,in my opinion he was horrible . His smile isn't so good and nice that everyone said.

And the things that I like was :Jessica was very beautiful probably a bit capricious but funny,the subject was interesting,and instructive . You can watch it when you need relax or just watch it for fun. Wish you good viewing=P Love you.... And I want to tell you that Jesocka's sister was pretty lucky ,because she found her love too...
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I still poke around Disney Channel when I'm bored, and this film caught my eye, only because of the occasional smile I get from Sterling Knight's egotistical character on another show.

Ten minutes in, I had figured out the entire plot, climax and ending, which is not necessarily a bad thing - but just about every concept in this film was either clichéd or overused. Disney is very much into the pop-star concept, only because tweens of today are obsessed with celebrity and Hollywood. Take Hannah Montana, Sonny with a Chance etc. So Starstruck is about a small-town girl that wins the heart of a famed big shot teen idol - every tween's dream right? The one major downfall of this film that Starstruck does not adhere by is the characterisation of the female protagonist. She is supposed to be relatable, likable, so that female viewers can imagine themselves to be her. This is what Stephanie Meyer got right about her Twilight novels. However, this girl, she was so insignificant that I've forgotten her name, made me cringe every time she opened her mouth. Yes, she was annoyingly pretty, but her bad acting combined with the extremely bad screen writing created an astonishly horrible character. She bitched the whole time about how irritating her older sister is, about the celebrity of Hollywood and getting a little dirty after a great day. Her and Sterling's relationship lacked any real emotion either, it was very very shallow and seemed to develop over about two sentences as everything else was simply bickering.

This film was so incredibly awful, that I couldn't even bear to watch the last of it. Once I saw Knight's character on the stage at her school dance, I switched the TV off. I would not recommend this, even for bored passing time. Once of the worst films, even by Disney standards, that I have ever seen.
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You shouldn't expect terms as «Labor of Love» or «creative enjoyment» being relevant descriptions of the current Disney Channel movies, especially in their current way of milking out their stars (the «High School Musical» flicks are relevant examples of that). Fortunately, some of the DC films have turned out to be actually quite passable, like «Princess Protection Programme», «Jump In» and «Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie» (although this is embarrassing to admit, but I genuinely enjoyed «Camp Rock» and felt it was put a little bit of heart and soul into the story). Unfortunately, the same can't be said about their latest effort, «StarStruck», which is a lifeless and soulless attempt of a TV movie.

First of all, both the plot and the movie it self are completely shallow, pedestrian and clichéd. It could least been worked with some finesse, but «StarStruck» is completely dull and unoriginal. There are absolutely no inventive or clever twists in its predictable and worn-out story, which by the way has a few plot holes and drowns it self into sentimentality during the third act. Or you could simply just called this flick «Hannah Montana The Movie» with a male pop star.

None of the acting is noteworthy, with the exception of Sterling Knight. Not that he delivers a profound role, but the consideration that he's played an anonymous loner in «17 Again» and the self-absorbed Chad Dylan Cooper in «Sonny With A Chance» proves that this guy has acting potential. Sterling Knight plays the pop star Christopher Wilde in this one and gives the character both charm and spunk. The girl lead, Danielle Campbell, is extremely cute, but has been given a rather thankless role. Some of the -users have proclaimed her as annoying. Well, that isn't a coincidence, since the screenwriters haven't given her character substance nor depth. But it's not her fault, though. She and Sterling has a bit of chemistry, but she constantly gets out shined by him. She does however pull out some emotional moments well, but overall portrays Jessica as a flat character without substance or personality. Now I'm just wondering if Disney is going to promote her as the next Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez.

Maggie Castle as Jessica's sister Sara, who's obsessed with Christopher Wilde, is extremely annoying and shallow in her part. It's also a pity that the likable and charismatic Chelsea Stub (Stella in «JONAS») has been given a thankless role.

And there's the music of this movie. Since this is another pop star concept, there's ought to be some songs and of course some really mainstream ones, too. But while «High School Musical», «Camp Rock» and «Hannah Montana» at least had some catchy and hummable songs, the soundtrack of «StarStruck» is mainstream, bland and uninspiring, just as the movie itself. The only passable song is the rap tune «Party Up», performed by Brandon Smith (Nico in «Sonny With a Chance»).

Overall, if you're looking for a good DC movie, look everywhere besides «StarStruck», which is an uninspired and soulless money-attempt from Disney.
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Mal Reyne

I saw this the day it premiered on Disney Channel and I thought it was going to be great because it says it was a romantic comedy. Boy was I wrong.

The movie wasn't even romantic at all (only in a few places) and the charcther's chemistry with one another was poorly written.

The film is about a young girl who's older sister is obsessed with some pop star named Christopher Wilde. But when the younger sister meets him instead of the older sister romance blossoms between them. But will fame and fortune get in their way as they spend some fun time together? What really turns me against this movie is that the two lead charcthers never kissed just because the guy is 21 and the girl is like 16. Take the likes of A Cinderella Story, She's the Man,Another Cinderella Story they all contained age gap couples and they kissed so why didn't they allow these two to kiss. The music is alright wouldn't be jumping up and down for joy, the story is alright but it could have been a bit better near the end of the movie.

If you are a teenager and want to watch a decent flick that doesn't have any kissing in it then be my guest but I wouldn't watch it 24/7.
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Seriously, I loved this movie. It was cute and sweet. It created a nice mood. After I watched it, I wanted to see it again.

It reminded me of "10 things I hate about you". I love all "Taming of the Shrew" re-makes. I thought it was kind of funny that the non-famous girl is the biggest brat and has the most temper tantrums. If you like this type of movies, you should give this one a chance. It's fun and entertaining. What else can you really ask of one of these movies, right?

(I might like better music, but even that could be worse. I also wondered where that mud-puddle in the middle of the desert came from, but whatever)

My point is that "Starstruck" doesn't tell a new story, but it's one that I always enjoy in all its incarnations.
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Kernan Musguire

I love this movie like a lot. A real descent DCOM which sends great message to kids and teens esp. those who seem to be obsessed with celebrities so much that they treat them if they were angels or something!!!! I am a 20 years old guy who is not supposed to be fan of such movies but.... this one has really impressed me with its catchy song, funny moments and other cute romantic moments.... it was almost perfect.

I hate HSM movies by the way. They have nothing special except for the songs off course.... they were good but.... the story lines of these musical series were pretty lame and not interesting.

This one is a real exception. It is not like the best movie I ever seen but.... it is on my best movies list. Thanks Disney.
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7 October 2016. Yes, this movie is predictable, the storyline nothing special that hasn't already been done before. Yet, the music is really sharp, crisp, and engrossingly fun and hip. The performances are subtly different and more natural and easy-going without overly drama. This Disney Version of the famous pop star accidentally meets unknown, plain girl is done in an appealing and straightforward, honest way that doesn't depend on anything more than a good music track, sung well, and performances and chemistry which are entertaining and smartly done. Other fun movies include I'll Be There (2003), A Royal Night Out (2015), Roman Holiday (1953), Music and Lyrics (2007), Pride and Prejudice (2005), The Artist (2011), The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Good Morning Call (2016),
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Kenelm Csolkovits

I hate to say it, but... I didn't really enjoy this movie. I absolutely adore Sterling Knight! But I was not a fan of this movie.

And no I am not a Danielle Campbell hater, I just didn't like her character at all! Jessica Olson was virtually an emotional wreck, Her and her random mood swings. (When he takes her on a tour of Malibu, it appears as though she's growing fonder of him. But than alas, suddenly she hates him again!) It doesn't make sense!

Christopher and Jessica's relationship didn't grow over time, it appeared.Normally in a Disney movie or for this type of couple, they hate each other, then it continually gets more and more romantic until finally it ends off as a HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Not in this movie... I hate you, I love you, I hate you, I love you. Back and forth back and forth, until you can't take it anymore. Christopher Wilde's character remains consistent, however Jessica is not at all.

Also I'm not even going to mention the cheesy script. That will take maybe 4 or 5 pages.

I apologize to Sterling I believe he is amazingly talented, but I wish he could be in a movie that really showcases that.

Not everyone will I agree with me, I can honestly say that... I don't recommend that you not watch this movie either. Just try it and see what you think.
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As an adult who has to watch Disney movies because of kids and frankly does not enjoy a lot of what is now I TV I kind of look forward to new Disney movies. Understanding I am not the prime audience I take them with a grain of salt.

Saying that I have to say Aimless in KY's review was right on for this movie. Like a lot of DCOM movies it is has some good points but usually has some holes in the plot lines and the scenarios and dialogue could be tightened. Usually it can be overlooked but not so much in this one. I was actually expecting more because I think Chelsea Staub and Sterling Knight are two of the best actors in the Disney stable. Ms. Staub's role was very minor for the story and any body could have played it. In fact I think it would have been a great movie if she had played the female lead opposite Sterling Knight's character. Mr. Knight was great in the movie and carried it on his shoulders.

As an aside, while adult roles are usually not pivotal in DCOM's but they are usually solid with pretty good acting. In this movie the roles were wooden and the acting as well.

In summary while not a bad movie there will be no Starstuck II. Like a lot of DCOM's you think it could have been so much better without much effort at all. Hopefully DC will give Mr. Knight a movie commiserate with his talents.
data di revisione 02/23/2020

Honestly, the best DCOM since very long time. It has everything.. comedy, romance, music. All the qualities that make a movie a perfect one for me.

I love how Disney movies are all sweat and really descent for kids and teens. I always love to watch them. Camp Rock movies are great too.

This one has really some amazing songs. They were very heartwarming too.

Sterling Knight is such a rising star. I adore him very much. He is quite talented. I esp. love him in SWAC.

Danielle Campbell is a very pretty actress. She played her role well witch I guess was not easy for a girl her age.

Overall, this movie was a real pleasure to watch. I really really wish they make a 2nd one.
data di revisione 02/23/2020

Starstruck is a pretty average Disney film. To be honest I wasn't extremely hyped when I first say the trailer back in 2010, but I decided to watch it anyway because it was on a Friday night and I had nothing else to do.

The script itself was so-so; an average girl (Jessica Olsen) ends up running into the famous teen popstar Christopher Wilde. However, she isn't like most girls Christopher knows-she's not infatuated with him and even admits that she doesn't like him because he comes across as fake. But throughout the movie they start to understand each other and start to fall in love. Just your average DCOM.

However, I will say that, although I liked the film alright, I did not like the main character, Jessica Olsen. I, like other reviewers have been saying, found Jessica to be a very unlikable character, which is strange as she is the protagonist (or one of them, as Christopher is also a main character).

At the very beginning of the film (and throughout much of it later on), Jessica acts very hostile towards Christopher. She seems to hate him for no reason other than that he's a famous celebrity and assumes he's a jerk for this reason. Where this assumption/animosity comes from is never explained, which further frustrated me because it was just downright confusing. She seriously drove me up a wall, and I would like to rant about her more if let me put more words into my review.

The rest of the story is so-so, but-like I said earlier-it was entertaining enough. I just wish Jessica wasn't so unlikable.
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Shurwood Brandy
Christopher Wilde is the prince of 2010 Disney (directly after Troy Bolton). Something about the sunshine paved the way for music as we know it. Songs that follows in SATS footsteps were, Shades, Hero and Starstruck. Iconic classics.

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