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Mortdecai (2015)

IMDB 5.5
data di revisione 02/21/2020

Adapted from the book anthology by the same name written by Kyril Bonfiglioli, 'Mortdecai' is silly fun! Though never hilarious, this recent box-office disappoint isn't entirely bad either.

'Mortdecai' Synopsis: Juggling angry Russians, the British Mi5, and an international terrorist, debonair art dealer and part time rogue Charlie Mortdecai races to recover a stolen painting rumored to contain a code that leads to lost Nazi gold.

'Mortdecai' needed more wit on-track, but not foolproof. David Koepp's Direction is impressive. So is the Cinematography. The Editing, however, lacks sharpness. Costume Design tired here. Paul Bettany has his moments. Olivia Munn is seductive. Jeff Goldblum appears in a cameo.

On the whole, 'Mortdecai' won't make you fall of your seat with laughter, nor will it want you to pull your hair in anger. Its strictly a one-time watch.
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I was moved to write my first ever review because of the amount of derision heaped on this film by mainly American reviewers. This mountain of vitriol almost stopped me from going to see the film; how glad I am that I stuck to my decision to see it! Johnny Depp, for me, is always good value, and is an actor who seems to be unafraid of challenging not only himself but we, the audience, too. His portrayal of Charlie Mortdecai was based not so much on Ralph Fiennes' M.Gustave, but more on characters from The Fast Show and various Upper Class Twits from the classic Monty Python sketch. Indeed, as a massive fan of The Fast Show (he appeared in the final episode) I'm fairly sure that Mr Depp had some influence in securing the comic genius of Paul Whitehouse to play Spinoza. After reading the host of bad reviews I entered the cinema with some trepidation, but was rewarded with a well-written, smoothly-directed, fast-paced concoction which ticked plenty of boxes for me; I did start to wonder if I was watching the same film that some other reviewers watched. Perhaps the humour was just "too English" for some of our friends in the "far colonies"! Please don't be put off by the large number of bad reviews; Mortdecai was well worth the price of entry!
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After a long time I saw a comedy movie in which I actually laughed. I fail to understand the issue some of the people have with this film. Probably because these are the sort of people who enjoy spoofs and think only those films are comedy.

The movie was hilarious. The casting brilliant. The acting spot on. Not every movies story line needs to be the great American comedy. But this does pretty well. Some comedies can linger on the scenes making it boring. But the timing in this film was great and it had me laughing throughout.

Not a particularly great fan of Jhonny Depps outside the pirates of the Caribbean franchise. So when I saw how he played Mortdecai's character, I enjoyed it to no end.
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Mortdecai is one of those films that you'll love it or hate it. I really was entertained by it, the movie itself is a fun ride, it never tries to be anything more. Johnny Depp's funny performance is a cross between Cary Grant and Peter Sellers, like he does with the Pirate films, he milks it for all it's worth. Unlike his last two films, this was entertaining.

The movie is comedic mystery, it has some share of suspense, but it never wavers from that it his still a comedy. Paul Bettany is also quite good has Mortdecai man servant. I clearly see they are both having fun, there almost like a comedy team. All the other supporting cast like Gwyneth Paltrow and Ewan McGregor. Don't go in this expecting much, just a fun time.
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Paulson Livshits

Why so much bad press over an American movie filled with British humor? The negative reviews apparently all come from people in the united states... weirdos.

I saw this movie last night; and liked it. For some reason, the children that seem to make up the American audience these days, seem to think that it's a stupid movie. Why? A few days ago, I saw Kingsman: The Secret Service, the film adaptation of a comic mini-series, and thought it was excellent. Look at the rating for Kingsman; it's way higher than this film. Yet, it seems only because Mortdecai is mostly VERY British humor; different than what yanks are used to.

I'm glad I saw Mortdecai; I left the cinema feeling pleasant and entertained. Give it an honest try, it's not junk.
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Courtenay Mavromatis

People have described it as a bit of Pink Panther thing. Which I guess will be OK for Johnny Depp. Because it's not far off and maybe the Captain Jack Sparrow comparisons will stop (probably not, but you can always hope can't you?). One thing is for sure, comedy is always something that will and can divide people easily. What some consider hilarious others will just dismiss as bad or annoying (or maybe something worse).

The mustache jokes will either delight you or not, but we do have a lot of adult situations here, even without going too far down that drain/road. Paltrow relishing in her role as is Law, who can relax for once and sit back and be somebody else (read: not that confident guy). It's a light affair (no pun intended), but if you are willing to let your guard down, you can have fun with it
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"Mortdecai" was hilarious from start to finish. Critics have been a bit too harsh with this one. Full of cleverly-written lines, this movie is one I will continue to watch time and time again. Johnny Depp plays the Mr. Bean-type role magnificently, and the chemistry between he and Paltrow was great as well. His "sympathetic gag reflex" had be laughing throughout the entire movie. Johnny Depp receives quite a bit of unnecessary hate when it comes to his movie. I for one enjoy each of them. Mortdecai has now joined the ranks of Edward Scissorhands and Sweeney Todd in my list of favorites. If you enjoy goofy comedies from the likes of Mel Brooks, you will truly enjoy Mortdecai.
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Merilee Ottis

No one said that this movie was aiming for anything else than having a good time watching it.My guess is that everybody that disliked the film never liked Inspector Clouseau for example, or Indiana Jones movies. It is fairly obvious that Clouseau and Kato are Mortdecai &; Joki in this one, minus Clouseau's unshakeable trust to his police force skills.Lord Charlie never gets as cocky in front of his "team" of spouse and male servant, for nothing more than his good taste and hideous moustache that surely reminds us of his noble background and also provides some good laughs. It is his "pipe and hat", or "whip and hat", if you prefer, his trademark appearance set. It is fairly obvious that the screenwriters and director tried to reference the opening scene with Temple Of Doom. Lord Mortdecai is a kind of Indiana Jones in the art business, finding lost paintings e.t.c., minus the naive US perspective of a morally right hero. He is a British Lord after all, thus corrupted, pompous and easily sold out to the highest bidder, due to personal debts created by the excesses of luxury and pretentious/decandant aristocratic way of life. Anyway, enough with the U.S. haters, that simply don't get it. In order of an American getting it, the dialogues should have been filled with gangsta rap slang..Then and only then, the joke would be obvious. Now, with this posh dialect and witty selections of words (like using a thesaurus) they should try to understand what's been said, than just laugh with the out-of-context, expressions such as "yeah", "biatch", "sista". African Americans are still used by/for white ignorance and it seems that it is fairly impossible for Americans to get anything funny that isn't in their cultural status, even if this foreign cultural element rather aims to ridicule itself, than seriously impose on any other culture. Americans must felt offended by Charlie's visit in the US or from quotes like: "have we taken a wrong turn and arrived to a set of a pornographic film?", while they were checking in a hotel, because I just can't otherwise understand their dislike to this film. It seems that Quentin alone can't persuade the American audience of the virtues of well written dialogues with unusual vocabulary choices. Now tell me, which is more preferable: "son of a wh..re" or Charlie's line addressing one of his abusers: "your mother and father only met once and money changed hands..propably less than a 20".. David Coepp is a successful screenplay writer, and a fair director, his all star cast performs the way they should be, and are at points hilarious, the plot is fairly twisting... I just can't understand why Depp is not as good as Sparrow, or Paltrow not as good as Iron Man's Potts, or Mc Gregor not as good as Obi-Wan. You might say that only Bettany provides a performance lesser of what expected of him, but that should be rather credited to the screenplay, or the role itself, than his effort which is adequate. The soundtrack contains one of the coolest songs in a movie (Johanna feat. MIles Kane). It is simply one of the best movies for the start of 2015. In the universe of trendy sequels this movie could easily provide a franchise similar to Edward's Pink Panther for the new millenia, much more successful than the American reboot of the series (with the god Steve Martin). I wanted to rank it even higher but I considered this unfair to other movies that are interested in achieving something greater than two hours of fun. If you don't get it, don't hate it!!
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For all those reading the horrific reviews some of the people have been giving this movie, do not be scared away from this excellent piece of art. Granted, it isn't deep nor is there any part in which ones foresight is tested but that is the beauty of it. The absolute ingenious acting of Johny Depp in a mockery of today's moving picture industry. I'd say give it a go and try not to take it too seriously, as I presume wasn't its intent in the first place! I shall not proclaim this is one of the greats, but I will come forward and say it is worth more than the 5.5 it currently has. For anyone who wants to learn some fancy English this is also a must-watch!
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Bonnibelle Winterling

Apparently in ancient Rome when a performance in the amphitheatre was bad the agreed signal was thumbs up, totally the opposite of the modern usage. So an ancient Roman would not recognise a lot of todays signals. In the same way I notice that the really bad reviews of Mortdecai are from the US. I think it is important for a viewer to know who his her critic are because not realising this bias I was put off Mortdecai until it turned up on our local SE Asian TV cable channel. I am British and thoroughly enjoyed this take off of the so called British aristocracy. Johnny Depp is always worth watching and in this film he pulls off another characterisation even if he is an American trying to be English but even that attempt is funny. The only downside is his general flappy behavior being reminiscent of Captain Sparrow. I would suggest that because we are so exposed to Captain Sparrow that any reference in body language in another character should avoid that amazing characterisation.

Other posters have said good things about the film and these I endorse. I have no problem with repeated jokes because they become bylines and familiarity is not a bad thing. For example gagging at the mustache once in could not be forgotten during the rest of the film because, after everything, husband and wives do kiss. All in all a delightful eccentric parody at all levels.
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Ivah Callnan

I just watched this movie with no expectations, but for Depp. I heard everyone here hate it and I just can't imagine why.

One of my theories is that you didn't get what this movie wants to be. Entertaining. Yes, believe it or not, but is wasn't supposed to be a complicated deep movie with soft humor and a lot of subtle jokes… hell no, this movie wants to make you laugh after a long day at work and succeeds perfectly. Depp and his mustache were hilarious. And the other unique and mixed characters made this movie a great comedy. Critics are always boring, they expect a lot from something, but maybe, just maybe, they miss the point sometimes. I think this is the case. So, I recommend this film to everyone who wants to have fun, who wants to escape their routines and have a laugh. Believe me, you'll thank me.
data di revisione 02/21/2020
Kobe Scrudato

I just got back from seeing this and it's honestly one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I knew it wasn't going to be brilliant, but I like Johnny Depp and thought it would be at least a fun, bumbling action-comedy, a genre that is a 'guilty pleasure' of mine. It's hard to decide where to start when pointing out the flaws of a dreadful movie like this, but I'll first start by saying that the writing is horrendous. The lazy writers decided to use the same jokes not once, not twice, but several times because they can't think of anything better to write! The line 'show me your balls' is used at least 3-5 times and while it was sort of funny the first time, it starts to get INCREDIBLY tedious and repetitive after that. The same goes with Mortdecai's wife gagging when they try to kiss. That happens 3-5 times as well and is even the final shot of the movie as well! The rest of the humor is mostly slapstick-based, which would have been fine if it wasn't so painfully obvious what was coming. For example, in one scene Mortdecai is sword fighting a man and he ends up on the ground with a large box suspended from a wire up above. The man takes the sword and cuts the rope and the box almost 'traps' Mortdecai. And in one ridiculous scene when the writers didn't know how to end it, people attending a party with food poisoned by the villain, despite being in plain view of the villain poisoning the food, eat it and vomit profusely, including onto a moving car's windshield. The remaining jokes are painfully dumb as well and are basically showcases of the complete stupidity of Mortdecai's character. For example, he walks into a hotel in Los Angeles and sees people in bikinis and claims that he accidentally went to the set of a porno. Then he checks in at the reception desk and gets handed a room key and claims that the U.S. is in financial troubles because anyone who checks in at a hotel receives a credit card like he supposedly just did. The story is really dull and never really comes together, and even worse, the so-called twist can be guessed miles away. Overall, "Mortdecai" is an embarrassingly bad comedy that tries to be funny, but the horrible quality of the movie is the real joke. One of the worst movies I've ever seen!
data di revisione 02/21/2020

I miei pensieri:

Wow where to begin with this movie. When I first started seeing the trailers for this movie I was intrigued and worried. I was intrigued cause this looked like an unusual but interesting movie. My worry came from seeing Mr. Johnny Depp playing another character role and this worried me because in my opinion Johnny Depp has been cashing in on his Jack Sparrow character from the Pirate of the Caribbean movies for the past what 10 plus years now. But I am glad to say that the Mortdecai character stands on his own, yes you could see little flares of Sparrowness in him but over all this character stood on its own.

Let me tell you that all the actors in this movie did a fantastic job. But I have to say that Jock (Paul Bettany) was great to watch. Jock is Mortdecai's Man Servant and jack of all trades and without him Mortdecai would not survive a day on his own. Ewan McGregor and Gwyneth Paltrow both shine in their roles as well and think they did a wonderful job in the supporting roles.

Another thing I loved about this movie was the little travel scenes between cities. It kind of reminded me of the old school Indiana Jones plane cut scenes but updated. I also loved a lot of the cinematography in this movie as well, there was bright colors and sweeping wide screen shots that complimented this movie really well.

This movie is not going to be for everyone though it is a strange quirky comedy and has some ludicrous moments. But as one of my friends said when we walked out of the screening this has that sort of Pink Panther feel and I have to agree this movie follows along those same lines.

La mia raccomandazione:

Looking for a different change of pace and a quirky movie then this is for you.
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Goldfinch Glaubke

Johnny Depp has long predicated his acting career off of doing his own thing and not particularly caring what audiences or the general consensus of his performances or mannerisms are. Ever since the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, Depp has continuously been giving headlining roles in projects with enormous budgets that have either barely broke even, went on to be record box office bombs, or simply withered away without anything of a pop culture impact. His last few films, "The Rum Diary," "Dark Shadows," "The Lone Ranger," and "Transcendence" all have put up meager numbers at the box office when compared to their respective budgets, but, for whatever reason, financiers and movie studios still funnel money towards Depp's films, with or without any franchise history.

If his latest picture, David Koepp's "Mortdecai," after the horribly negative critical/audience backlash and the catastrophic earnings on its opening weekend, doesn't at least prevent us from seeing another lofty, big-budget Depp film in the next two years, I'm convinced nothing will. "Mortdecai" is a $60 million travesty, not including the money it took to market such a horrendous cinematic miscalculation. Other than to give critics and hardened film fans an early pick for their worst film of the year, I'm not particularly sure why the film was made, or why and how Lionsgate is going to manage to get a franchise out of such a contemptible titular character and a droll, misguided story.

Depp plays Lord Charlie Mortdecai, an eccentric art dealer who can't keep his hands off his curly mustache, a feature he boasts to fall in line with the other Mortdecai men of past generations and something that serves as an incessant running gag throughout the whole film. Obsessed with his mustache, his gorgeous wife Johanna (Gwyneth Paltrow), and whilst running into trouble at every turn, Mortdecai must travel all around the world to discover a stolen painting said to have a code to a lost bank account that is filled with stolen Nazi gold. The only one constantly by his side is Jock Strapp (Paul Bettany), his trusty protector who does whatever he can to assure the safety of his friend, even if that means taking a bullet for the poor soul on several different occasions, usually as a result of Mortdecai's own personal error.

"Mortdecai" is what I call a "storm cloud film," in that something about the very first scene, its presentation, its characters, the delivery of the dialog, and the first series of unfolding events do not add up. Something feels off or unsettled about the production, and one begins to fear if they're in for a mediocre or downright awful event, despite quietly hoping the film turns around or gains some sort of balance. I kept wishing "Mortdecai" would go from stumbling to at least being able to strut with some control, but such optimism was foolish. How could writer Eric Aronson, director David Koepp, responsible for such great films as "Premium Rush" and "The Trigger Effect," and producer Johnny Depp be a part of something so catastrophic and desperately unfunny? The film functions in such a way that leads one to believe Aronson took down a list of humorous scenarios to trap his lead character in before constructing them and robbing them of any and all things funny.

Depp traverses one continent after another, going from one brightly-colored setpiece to the next, delivering an endless bout of redundant dialog that is definitely something but that something isn't the least bit funny. It's exhaustive and aggressively silly, proving time and time again that if you make a film about a character who cannot take himself seriously, in turn, audiences will not be able to take the film seriously and dismiss it on-sight. Being that the film is constructed so much around Mortdecai, his personality, and his ability to either say the darnedest thing or find himself in every sticky situation imaginable, once one discovers that the titular character is a poorly-constructed, unfunny bore, the film has already crashed and burned because it put so much of its reliance and weight of its success on said character.

The storyline here is enough to drive you mad, not because it's confusing, but it's restless and often interrupted by a legion of weakly-written supporting roles from the likes of great actors like Olivia Munn and Ewan McGregor. The film zig-zags around enough that any clean, linear form of a plot is lost immediately, and the fact that constant silliness is being paraded around screen from Depp's character or an anti-climactic, buffoonish car chase shreds any kind of interest at all in the story at hand. At this point, the film has effectively given us an insufferable character lead character and a disorganized mess of a plot that can't help but interrupt itself; once you have a film destroy its two pioneering elements, all you have left are aesthetics, and so very few films have gotten by on those principles alone. The aesthetics of the film are beautiful, with cinematographical work by Florian Hoffmeister shining through, as this is a candy-colored affair; the fact that "Mortdecai" puts little emphasis on environments and I'm commending the cinematography shows how desperate I was to try and find something on screen that interested me. This is one of the worst, most grating cinematic experiences I've had in recent memory.
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I could almost name this movie as a parody to the 007 genre but I won't do it because I think this is so much more than that. Johnny Depp once again shows us a character that if done by someone else would be quickly forgotten, but his way of acting makes us believe in the character and laugh with it.

The story, the scenery and even the Rolls Royce was a nice selection to a movie that so many people apparently don't understand what it is. Those who do appreciate the constant innuendos and the carefully executed humorous gags do have some fun throughout the movie and know "everything will be OK in the end!"

Is it worth watching? Absolutely!
data di revisione 02/22/2020

Seriously, I can't believe how upset people are with this movie; I couldn't even breathe anymore as I walked out of the theater after laughing a lot! Yeah the jokes are stupid, the acting is over-the-top, the story isn't that brilliant and there isn't any deep sh*t plot twist but really, who watches comedy and expect something that will make them contemplate about life??? In terms of entertainment, this movie certainly delivers... Unless of course you're a frigging hipster who can't appreciate any movie that doesn't f*ck your brains out. Come on, Birdman for instance received a lot of good feedback but it's not that funny -- it's just deep. And artsy. It seems the trend these days; if a movie's storyline is plain enough for the layman to understand, these know-it-all guys will say it's horrible, waste of time, blah blah...

There's a lot of movies far worse than this and I don't understand all the hate on this one; probably because it stars Johnny Depp (who was amazing as always, by the way) and they just expect too much. Whatever! Loosen up, guys!
data di revisione 02/22/2020

Despite beginning in a boring way (I didn't laugh for more or less the first ten minutes), when you realize what is the film about, it improves a lot. From this point to the end, you laugh many times. Plot is a bit absurd, but it is what you expect about it, as it is a comedy, a parody of another films. Johnny Depp plays a role which is very similar to what we've seen before in another films, but that doesn't impede you to laugh with him. I would like to highlight the role Paul Bettany plays. He is the center of most of the funny situations of the film, with some quotes you will repeat even after the end of the film. As a summary, I have to say that it's not an incredible film, but you'll have a fantastic time in the cinema if you chooses it.
data di revisione 02/22/2020
Margaretha Schwebke

I don't understand the bad reviews, I thought it was hilarious. Depp's best character yet. I love silly, witty dialogue and this is chock full of it. It doesn't hurt that it is also visually gorgeous. Love the Rolls!
data di revisione 02/22/2020
Caesaria Gilchrest

This movie made me laugh, buy it's not exciting enough to see it more than once.

The mustache, Mortdecai's pride and charm, it's a trademark funny element reminiscent of the 70's detective shows. Which makes sense because this movie's screenplay is an adaptation of the 70's British Mortdecai book series. Indeed, the settings, the characters and the tone of this film brings memories of 70's TV shows I grew up watching. Do you remember Cool McCool cartoons, Don Adam's Maxwell Smart in Get Smart, and Inspector Clouseau in Pink Panther? Also, the dynamics between Mortdecai and his manservant Jock, remind me of the British comedy Wooster and Jeeves.

I immediately liked that picaresque art dealer—charming, sophisticated, coward at times, and with very peculiar and expensive tastes. Mortdecai is an eccentric with many flaws—but he is a gentleman, capable of kindness. Often times, he inadvertently causes all sorts of wrecks and injuries. Johnny Depp pours all his vibrant JohnnyDepp-ness into his character: the attitudes and expressions and gestures and mannerisms are all great and funny.

This film is no masterpiece but it is certainly entertaining. The dark humor sometimes is silly, but that's the point of parody. There are bits of disgusting things, bits of blood, and bits of vulgarity, but enough jeopardy and suspense throughout Mortdecai's transcontinental adventure.

This stolen-painting-crime/comic plot is accompanied by subtle subplots. There's the mild love triangle between the jealous and insecure Mortdecai, his wife (Gwyneth Paltrow), and his college friend the detective (Ewan McGregor). There's the friendship with his utmost super-loyal and smart manservant and body-guard (Paul Bettany). And there's the want-to-be-passionate husband-wife relationship that leaves Mortdecai, a gentleman, bed deprived…

I loved seeing Johnny Depp work with Paul Bettany—they make a brilliant team, just like they did too in Transcendence and The Tourist. Gwyneth Paltrow brings such elegance and intelligence. Ewan McGregor plays a charming-and-charmed detective. Jeff Goldblum's short role was great too!

Surely you won't be bored. Play along with the characters. The staging is funny too: the variety of locations and the paintings. The movie begins with a certain hilarious painting in the background, and ends with the same painting.


Enjoy. Cheers.
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On the 31st of January 2015, a great tragedy befell upon me. Being an avid cinema goer and comedy lover I decided to go and watch Mortdecai,a seemingly alright film. How wrong was I.

Mortdecai was an abomination. Annoying and unlikable characters, an uninteresting story, and cheap laughs. All the factors that a good comedy should not have. With such a star studded cast and high budget i can not believe how far off the mark this film was. The following 3 points will explain to you why I despise this film.

Jokes: Please, the key to comedy is not repetition. I refuse to believe that the writers deliberately put in the amount of "Gag at the mustache" jokes that I saw. I think I laughed once during this movie.

Transitions: I'm talking about the plane scenes here. Overused and boring.

Johnny Depp: Annoying accent, Annoying character, Annoying Jokes, Annoying Depiction of Upper class England. Just annoying. This movie has single-handedly slit the throat of Johnny Depp's already dying career.

To conclude, do not pay to watch this movie. It will hurt both your brain and your wallet. If you do decide to see it, get a lighter ready; your going to want to burn you ticket.
data di revisione 02/23/2020
Gay Robert

I saw this movie with my family a few years ago because of Depp and McGregor and we all ended up laughing the whole time and enjoying it. I'm not saying it's up for best picture or anything but it's certainly a movie you can pop in and get some laughs out of.
data di revisione 02/23/2020
Silvestro Simenson

Jock's response for most of the time is "I don't know, sir". Just like my answer to a question, whether the film will be good based on watching the trailer. Well, it turns out once again that I should trust Johnny Depp and expect a good film because that is how Mortdecai turned out.

Mortdecai revolves around a rogue art dealer Lord Charlie Mortdecai, struggling to keep his fortune and estate. While being away from his wife he decides to grow a moustache, which becomes an annoying characteristic to everyone in his presence. Meanwhile a woman working on a restoration of a Goya painting is killed and Charlie as an art expert is called for help to retrieve the painting. Many different and strange parties are after this painting, because it is believed it contains a way to find lost Nazi golden treasure.

Even though I have given a plot summary there is not much plot in the film, but don't be alarmed. If you recall the Peter Sellers starring The Pink Panther comedies then you might remember that those films also had minimum plot. The basic premise was there only to serve as a creator of situation, a mere thread upon which the scenes could be hanged. The film struggles at first to find its style of humor, but it succeeding at bringing back the aesthetic and style of the Pink Panther films which results in a very pleasant enjoyable comedy. That is all I wanted from this film.

The second part of the film, when it shifts into USA is just laugh out loud funny from start to finish. The film suffers from predictability though. I figured the location of the painting before the characters did. It is indirectly implied so that made it easier. Another problem is this film has an R rating but it doesn't really need one. Yes, there are two utterances of the F-word but otherwise it is a film suitable for the whole family (Considering that your kids are teenagers now in order for them to get all the jokes). There is nothing explicit so the best decision in order to get more money at the box office would be to obtain the PG-13 rating since lot of Depp's fans are teenagers as well, now unable to see the film.

I have always enjoyed the master/servant dynamic in films ant TV series. It usually present in British culture. The best example would be Blackadder where this master/servant relationship is utterly genius. So it goes to say that best character is not the titular character but his servant Jock. He steals every scene he is in and Bettany and Depp have amazing chemistry and play off each other quite nicely. Paltrow and Depp make a nice duo as well despite not sharing much time together. For example the gag reflex during kissing caused by the moustache is a brilliant joke.

Geoff Zanelli, a frequent Koepp's collaborator never disappoints but I feel like he can't ever top Secret Window score which is simply magnificent. The end credits song simply titled Johanna, which is a result of a collaboration of Zanelli, Mark Ronson and Miles Kane is a sweet song. A fitting end to cap this film. I have ended up listening it on repeat. It is a song made in a way in which they are not made anymore. An old fashioned tune that soothes my ears.

To point out something interesting I noticed Charlie is not much of the hero of the story in the sense that he is not controlling what is happening around him. He is manipulated by almost everyone – his wife, his servant, Goldblum's art dealer, the MI5. It is very interesting to have a main character, who is absolutely in no control of his destiny.

Mortdecai is a great enjoyable comedy for everyone who simply wants to have fun, relax and have a good time. Despite its predictability it delivers a great enjoyment, it delivers a comedy like which is not being made anymore.
data di revisione 02/23/2020
Yila Clepper

Mortdecai, the movie IS actually very funny. The thing is, it's not written for U.S. audiences. Subsequently most American viewers just don't 'get it'. It's a really silly movie, but it's fun and funny and if you 'get it' you will find yourself very amused and you will laugh. It was enough for me to want to see it because Paul Bettany is in it, but add to that Johnny Depp, Ewan McGregor and a small part by Jeff Goldblum and it's got a whole lot of great actors. It's a shame that people who don't understand it give it such a poor review. If you understand or have had exposure to UK style humour you will likely understand this movie. If you do "get it" you'll laugh and have a good time. It's just not made for the typical U.S. sense of humour.
data di revisione 02/24/2020
Gerladina Gregor

This movie actually made me register with to publish my displeasure. I've read the reviews here and typically they're from art house aficionados who sooooo want everything to have meaning. News flash, sometimes a movie is just a movie and sometimes humour is unsophisticated. Get over it.

Johnny Depp seems to be a target for these reviewers at the moment. I found his performance/homage to Terry Thomas "rather good". The various cameos and supporting performances were also "rather good" The film is soaked in British humour and I can see how some from the "colonies" just don't get it but for people to give this 1 or 2 out of 10 is beyond belief.
data di revisione 02/24/2020
Maltz Hinojosa

I love eccentric characters whether they are the silent Mr. Bean, the bumbling Inspector Clouseau or even the wealthy treasure hunter Scrooge McDuck. Like any good story about an outcast, they are deemed stranger then the rest of the world and tend to use that to their advantage to find a gold mine or crack the latest case in France. I too consider myself an eccentric with my oddball quirks and strange interests including amusement park history and animation. You could say that everyone has a little eccentric inside of them, but only few would dare express it as their full personality.

Cinema is a large home to this breed of person. Often you will find these people associated with comedies as they make it aware that the characters behavior is more out of place, even if the world they live in is exaggerated or romanticized. Though I would love to see a drama about an oddball, these try to explain some mental illness like that their sick or something. This is something that I wish more movies would try to cut away from and simply explain that this is your hero and he's this way just because. We get another quirky eccentric with Mortdecai.

Lord Charlie Mortdecai (played by Johnny Depp) is a pompous, wealthy art dealer who tries to portray himself as classy, comes off of a goof. He lives in a large home along with his man servant/muscle Jock Strapp (played by Paul Bettany) and his wife who he always declares as the love of his life Johanna (played by Gwyneth Paltrow). A Goya painting is stolen from a woman that was working on restoring the artwork. So this puts inspector Alistair Martland (played by Ewan McGregor) on the case. He has a thing for Johanna, so he contacts Mortdecai for his services, knowing that this would keep the eccentric busy while he get's cozy with the wife.

Mortdecai's investigations unveil that the painting was once taken by Nazis and may have codes on it that lead to a lost Swiss bank account. He also finds the painting stashed in his car, leading the police to believe that Mortdecai himself took the painting. He travels to Los Angeles to engage in an art transaction with Milton Krampf (played by Jeff Goldbloom). Johanna and Martland follow suit as they may be closer to finding the real thieves then Mortdecai is.

Johnny Depp has had some trouble in recent years with Dark Shadows, The Lone Ranger and Transcendence all bombing. He was hoping that Mortdecai would be his big comeback and start a new franchise. I was hoping this would work, but this just may be his lowest point. While the character may be funny on paper, Depp's portrayal seems more like a bad improv piece then a genuine performance. I can tell he's trying his hardest, but no other actor could have saved it from it's shockingly unfunny script. It seems like Depp simply got stuck with a character that no one else wanted to play.

I have no clue for who this movie was made for. Certainly not for children as this has an R rating. Not for teenage fans of Depp that will find this too boring. Not for a mainstream adult audience that will see this as too highbrow. Not for a highbrow society as they will see this as too silly. I'm convinced that this was made just so that Johnny Depp can have fun with both Gwyneth Paltrow and Ewan McGregor. Congratulations Mr. Depp, because you just got a project that is unfunny, boring, crude yet not crude, and even manage to take down two great actors with you.

I'll give this half a Goya painting out of ten. What should have been a match made in heaven, Pink Panther-like movie will only stand as an embarrassment to a really talented individual who should be ashamed of himself!

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